Bee Boisseau aka “Bee Boi”

After over a decade as a professional musician, the time has come for Bee Boisseau's time in the spotlight.  With the 2011 release of the debut solo jazz album aptly titled, "Out Front", "Bee Boi" announced to the music world that he could indeed hold his own as a recording artist.  The project featured Bee's signature hip-hop rhythms fused together with jazz and r&b melodies; with soulful tunes such as "It's A Habit" featuring Tony Exum, Jr and funky & playful "How'd That Happen?".  In 2012, in memory of his late maternal grandmother, Ms. Lelia M Fenner who used to say..."if you cant run with the big dogs, stay on the porch", Bee released his second solo jazz album entitled, "Off The Porch".  The album, Bee Boi's declaration that he can not only hold his own, but is more than ready to "run with the big dogs", features more hip-hop driven grooves supporting more soulful melodies; including Bee Boi's very edgy & "in-your-face" cover of Ray J's "Let It Go" featuring Marcus Anderson (N.P.G., Liv Warfield). 

Bee Boisseau released the project entitled, "Bee Boisseau: Out Front & Off The Porch" in the Summer of 2015 to signal the dawn of a "new Bee Boi sound" & to reflect on, and share with the music world, some of his favorite musical creations from his journey to this point.  In addition to remastered favorites from "Out Front" and "Off The Porch" this project feature previously unreleased music featuring friends including: Robbie Cunningham, Ty Causey, & Jarrard Anthony.

Currently, Bee Boisseau is performing, writing, & recording with the ever evolving "Bee Boisseau Project" with a releases expected in the Spring of 2017.